1) Go to the product you like to purchase
2) Tap "Find your size"
3) Click "Measuring chart"
We only offer childrens sizes in our MX Gear.
View them here
We offer several types of protection. Nearly all our products have undergone several CE tests.
In our Road Catalog, you can discover the different tests, which articles are CE-certified and more!
View our Yoko 2020 Road Catalog here.
Unfortunately we only offer this service to our B2B customers only, since the order needs to be over a certain amount of gear sets.

There is a possibility to make a unique design for you and/or your team. Of course this will by higher than a regular Yoko item.

Make sure to contact us, if you have any further questions.
We offer a tailor-made service for your own team collection.
You can take a sneak peak in of our catalogs.
Contact us to get access!
You can find our Yoko dealers through our website.
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We would love to hear more from you and your store or distribution network.
Don't hesitate to contact us via email or by phone: +32 11 54 96 96
At this point we look sponsorships from case to case.
Don't hesitate to forward us your question, you can  contact us via email or by phone: +32 11 54 96 96